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We stand for the flag, and kneel for our fallen brothers.
We are a family of public service and military and want everyone to know.


J. M. Ross




Ladies Gunbelt


J M Leather offers a full featured gun belt constructed with a curved contour at no additional cost. JM understands that shooting gear may need special options for optimum performance and comfort for the female shooter. The curved gun belt, lined with suede, will lay more comfortably on the hips and can be an All in One style, or with no loops. The belt has separate billets (ends) that can be replaced for the shooter any time to adjust the size and extend the life of the belt. This is done free of charge, all we ask is that the customer cover the shipping cost.

Unlike the big makers, our Ladies Gun belt can be made in any color combination or border style we offer and at the same cost as our other gear. There are numerous ways to embellish our gear with conchos, spots, and accent pieces in additional colors. The belt can be configured as the regular single buckle in front or back, or have double buckles. These remain a full feature competition rig and will work with all holster styles and are especially popular with the Express, or a narrow base Cowboy Comp. The style and decoration are only limited to the shooter's imagination to make a unique statement.

Pricing Information


Curved 3 Piece Belt for ‘Spur Broke’




Our most popular combo:  Express holsters (narrow base) with a ladies curved belt.


Border #5, light brown, made for 'Calico Calle'




Ladies Medici Belt for on or off the range


Double buckle ladies belt in Russet for ‘Red River Emma"


3 Piece belt curved for comfort


New ladies style available with double buckles.

Comp Holster on right displays option of a non-flared skirt for comfort


Examples of Express holsters with options on band and a non-flared skirt

Double buckle All in One belt, Russet with Cheyenne Border for ‘Tator Bug’


Pricing Information