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We stand for the flag, and kneel for our fallen brothers.
We are a family of public service and military and want everyone to know.


J. M. Ross




Shotgun belt Configurations


We make a wide variety of Shotgun Belts to suit every shooters needs, and the layout can be any combination of shell loops to accommodate every style of shooter. We also stand behind our belts and will Rebuild our belts from wear and tear so they can continue to be used for years. Any belt we made can be returned and for $20, (includes shipping) we will shorten, lengthen, or rework the loops for our customers. (some belts may not allow for modification so call first.)

-To build your belt, select a style of belt and choose what options you would prefer.
-Standard 2 inch belt, Straight 3 piece belt, or Curved 3 Piece, Canvas shotgun belt
-Single or double loops, it is okay to mix, pull 4, no problem
-spacing can be 0, 3/8, or 1/2 inch between sets of doubles
-number of shotgun shells you prefer
-number and placement of rifle loops, Right, left or both sides, center
-Rifle loops can be mixed or also spaced as well, if you have a 38 and a 45, we can alternate loops.
-all colors and border styles are available on a shotgun belt to match any of our holsters and gun belts.
-Canvas shotgun belts are our specialty, we can utilize canvas or elastic loops as well
-We have made them all, so do not hesitate to ask for some guidance.


Pricing Information

Shotgun Belt

● 2 inch Scout belt, others on request
● Made of 8-10 oz leather.
● Lined with suede to stay put, unlined is available if desired.
● Border tooled, plain or custom, made to match your gun rig.
● Designed to buckle in back
● Clip corner buckle standard, or matching to your gun belt.
● No extra charge for custom layout of bullet loops.
● Single loops or double loops, customer can customize spacing.
● 100% tailored to the shooter's needs.


Dark brown oil, Serpentine Saddle tool


Pull 4 shells like "Dirty Chris?" Not a problem


Shotgun belt


Lt. brown, Saddle tool belt


Loops laid out to customer specs, this is 38/45 alternating for those with two rifle calibers



3 piece shotgun belts

Straight or curved, the sewn on billets allow a wider belt to remain comfortable for all shooters.
Suede lined center, 2 ˝ inch width, lined billets
Billets are removable and sewn on for durability, we will resize any belt for the customer.
Many shooters ask about the benefits of the curved belt. For any shooter with a ‘little more’ around the middle, it is the ideal shotgun belt as it stays put, never shifts downward, and is extremely comfortable.


Reverse curve shotgun belt, 5 x doubles, 3/8” spaced, with 3 x 45 on right


 3 Piece shotgun belt billet is sewn on



Crossdraw split

Provides a gap for the cross draw holster shooter. This gap can aid the shooter in looking his CD gun into the holster and reduces catching the gun on the shotgun loops on the draw. (Johnny uses this style when shooting)


Shotgun belt with 5 inch gap in loops for easier pistol access.


Custom layout for Crossdraw holster


Specialty shotgun belts for Cody-Dixon and Plainsman events


Custom Plainsman or Cody-Dixon belts.
Lower belt has loops for both 45-70 and 38-55, made for Black Powder Burn

Pricing Information