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Cheyenne Holster



·         Traditional Old West style in a wet molded holster
·         Leather lined made with double layer 6/7 oz. leather
·         Suitable for CAS if a drop holster is not desired

·         High ride only, no drop available
·         Made left and right, or cross draw
·         Tooling patterns duplicate old west makers|
·         All colors and tooling styles available
·         Slight muzzle forward standard and locking piece on belt



Pricing Information


Cheyennes in dark brown


Medium brown with border #6


Black with Express Saddle tool


Chestnut with 3 line style border (Border #6)


Dark brown oil, Express saddle tool


Medium brown with #6 border  (Made for ‘Leadville Lefty’)



Dark brown, Ranger Saddle tool with stainless roller buckles


Russet with Crazy legs border on plain Money belt


Cheyenne with Express Saddle tool


Dark brown with black shadow  




Plain, dark brown



Pricing Information