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We stand for the flag, and kneel for our fallen brothers.
We are a family of public service and military and want everyone to know.


J. M. Ross


(423) 754-1285



Canvas Belt


Pricing Information

 Canvas Scout belt:

·           2 or 3 Inch Belt, tan or natural canvas
·              Made of 2 layers of heavy duty canvas webbing
·           Layers are sewn full length of belt
·           Billets are leather lined for durability
·           Loops can be laid out for a shotgun belt or any type of cartridge.
·           Bullet loops can be canvas or leather
·           Popular favorite for Wild Bunch rigs
·           Leather billets can match any belt or holsters


From top: Dark Chestnut, tan webbing 3 inch
     Dark brown, natural webbing, 2 inch
     Black, tan webbing, 2 inch
     Light chestnut/black, tan webbing 2 inch
     Black casual belt, 1 ½ inch


“Crossfire Trail” reproduction canvas belt. Garrison buckle direct on webbing,
extended tongue tucks under belt, full loops.


The 1876 or Crossfire Trail belt with tan webbing. This has the long tongue to

support a holster and can be a custom loop layout. (same pricing as other canvas belts)


Attachment for Garrison buckles on 2 inch belts.
Upper is 1876 Civilian style or Prairie belt
Lower is Military style as 1876 Belt, or ‘Crossfire Trail’ which tucks the tongue under the belt.


Tongue for Garrison buckles from top:
     3 Inch Prairie Belt
     2 inch Prairie belt
     2 inch 1876/CF Trail, longer tongue was for pistol holster location as originals.



Buckle styles from top:
Garrison buckle (1 ¾ inch)
Clip corner (1 ½ inch)
Heavy duty Roller (1 ½ inch)



Our canvas belts are made in several varieties and finest quality.


Billet ends are leather lined, Example is 2 inch Canvas Scout belt, 1 ½ inch buckle


Prairie belt, 3 inch double layer webbing in tan canvas with custom loop layout. ($104)



Dark chestnut with natural canvas and Abilene border, brass roller buckle.



We now offer a 3 inch canvas Scout belt, like this one made for ‘Tyrel Cody’


Buckle end is leather lined


Black with Tan Canvas


Canvas wild Bunch Rig


Canvas WB rig for ‘Rich Diamond’


Pricing Information