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Wild Bunch II Holster

Pricing Information

ALL Wild Bunch Holsters feature:

·         Fully lined double layer 6/7 oz. leather

·         Legal in all SASS matches

·         Locking piece to hold on belt securely

·         All holsters built with Chicago screws through the body

·         Border tooling, conchos, or personal touches

     WB II Holster

            Cut down and flared to speed draw.

·         Holster stands away from body further and has slight ‘kick out’

·         Full skirt  (extends to muzzle end)

·         Holster can be made with or without band

·         Neutral Cant



WB II on Expedition belt with 1836 US buckle



Ranger Dunn’s classy WB II matches his CAS rig


‘Wagon Box Willy’s’ WB II in chestnut



WB II black, Express Border

WB II black, Express Border


WB II black and tan, Express  Border


Russet WB II featuring US harness plate


WB II in Chestnut brown and Schofield Border


WB II light brown, tan canvas belt       


Dark brown and black shadow with red thread accent for ‘Jackaroo’


Pricing Information