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About JM Leather

JM Leather Shop














We stand for the flag, and kneel for our fallen brothers.
We are a family of public service and military and want everyone to know.


J. M. Ross


(713) 703-1915


About JM Leather


J M is a specialty leather shop where leather items are crafted one at a time to provide long service to the cowboy shooter. Johnny and his wife Montana Hannah are cowboy shooters as well and understand getting what you paid for and being treated fair. The promise is a simple one, if you are not happy with your gear, let us make it right. We want you to be proud of the gear you wear, and proud that you got it from us. We are not a big name maker, but we will put our reputation and gear up against anyone and our customers are important to us.

Our competition holsters are made from two layers of 6/7 ounce leather from domestic leathers and we strive to use only the best we can locate. We use Chicago screws and stainless steel hardware at assembly points rather than rivets in our holsters.

Johnny was a law enforcement officer for 25 years and appreciates that equipment should be made to last and perform under all conditions. The guarantee is simple. If it breaks or works loose, then we will fix it. So if a screw falls out, or stitches work loose, then give a shout and we will take care of it. We use quality dyes and acrylic sealers in our leather products to make them last. A light wipe down with a damp cloth will usually be all that is needed. Oil or saddle soap will alter the appearance of your rig and may remove the sealer.

J M also keeps record of what you purchased when ordered, including the dye color and finish. The tools used are recorded so that a border tool can be matched. So if you add an accessory later, we can get the color and appearance as close as possible. We will also share the information with you, or another maker, so another accessory can be made.

We believe that personalized leather work can be purchased for what many cowboys pay for an “off the shelf” rig. We give you more for your money and want to keep you as a customer for the future. If you prefer talking to the maker and getting a chance to discuss your options, we believe we are the best choice.

 John Ross aka “Johnny Morris”  SASS #69007                     Office Manager


As of 2012 the J M Leather shop is growing and we thank our loyal customers for the support that has made us a quality leather maker for Cowboy Action Shooters.  Johnny has always dreamed of being able to bring his lovely wife Susan into the daily routine of creating shooting gear, and now has made that a reality.

Montana Hannah SASS# 69008 has been shooting several years in CAS and worked her career in the accounting field.  She now provides much of the finish trim work in the leather gear provided and prepares the items for final assembly.  All hand dyes are applied by her attentive eyes.   Additional gear for the ladies is on the horizon with her assistance.