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We stand for the flag, and kneel for our fallen brothers.
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Western Rigs Gallery

Pictures of various rigs and our shooting customers



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Crazy Legs Border for ‘Allie Oakley’


“Rider in the Sky” selected unique accents to set his Cowboy Comp apart


'Still Smokin’ on the move putting his Express rig to the test. (Plum Creek Shooting Society)


Cowboy Comp for ‘Marshal Raylan’


Light Chestnut with subtle extras for ‘Wild Rose Dunn’


These rigs for ‘Josey Kidd’ are fine examples of how stitching can create a look


Cowboy Comp, oak custom color for ‘Two Spurs’


Natural Saddle Tan with border #2 for 'Notso Slim'


Pricing Information


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